Why I'm on RCSEd Council - Professor Robin Paton

Why I'm on RCSEd Council - Professor Robin Paton

The Council of the College is seeking nominations for four vacancies which will arise on Council at the AGM in November 2024. Professor Robin Paton, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and RCSEd Honorary Secretary, outlines his experience on Council and how he got involved to begin with.

I first became involved with the College over 20 years ago as an examiner and question writer in the JCIE Intercollegiate Examinations in Trauma and Orthopaedics. Later I became an examiner/assessor for the International JSF Examinations in Hong Kong and SingaporeWhilst examining I met various Members of Council, and noted that they were friendly, approachable, down to earth, and motivated to give something backInitially, I did not think it was likely that I would have a chance to be elected, but I was encouraged to apply. 

I was very surprised and flattered to be elected to Council. I was first elected in 2016, and was then re-elected in 2021. In 2022, I was appointed to the Office Bearer’s post of Honorary Secretary, my current role within the College. The Honorary Secretary of the College is responsible for overseeing the governance and compliance of the College Laws and Regulations.

Currently, the College is modernising its structures and reviewing/modernising the governance of the organisation, in addition to developing a new Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Code. Through this process, the College should become more transparent and inclusive. More roles should open to application rather than nomination, and this will increase the opportunities for more members to be involved with College work. This change, though challenging, is also very exciting, and the Honorary Secretary has an important role in this modernisation process. 

The prime role of the College is to deliver the highest standard of education and examinations in the UK and internationally, and the core values of the College are of inclusivity, integrity, innovation, professionalism, and respect. These standards are important to uphold. I have been very heartened by the wide range of backgrounds and of the different personalities of the Members of Council. They all have the common aim to maintain standards, they work well together, and though volunteering for the College can be hard work and require a high degree of professionalism, there are other aspects of College life that can be fun. 

The College is 518 years old, with a great history, and I feel that it has been a huge honour to serve on CouncilIt is important that the College continues to engage with and be relevant to its membership for the organisation to thrive in the future. The membership is at the heart of the College, and it is important to listen and support them.

Learn more about the nominations process here.

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