A First for the Faculty: Introduction to Humanitarian Healthcare Course

A First for the Faculty: Introduction to Humanitarian Healthcare Course

In March 2021, RCSEd’s Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare (FRRHH) in partnership with UK-Med officially launched the Introduction to Humanitarian Healthcare Online Course. The course, which is valued at £300, is the first of its kind for the Faculty who are pleased to be able to offer this educational resource free of charge exclusively to its members.

With support from The Operations Partnership, this course was developed to provide those who are interested in developing a career within humanitarian healthcare with the key requirements for entering this field, as well as those already preparing for deployment. Additionally, the course is also suitable for those who have recently returned from deployment and wish to reflect upon their own learning and experience.

Whilst classed as an introductory course, this is far from basic. Participants are provided with a wealth of knowledge packaged into four modules taught by renowned leaders and experts within the field of humanitarian and emergency healthcare, including Professor Tony Redmond OBE. Professor Redmond wears many hats, such as Founder of UK-Med and Professor of International Emergency Medicine at The University of Manchester to name but a few.

The four modules cover key elements of humanitarian healthcare:

  • Humanitarian Principles and Influences
  • Health and the Broader Humanitarian Health Response
  • Essential Emergency Healthcare in a Humanitarian Emergency
  • Deploying into a Humanitarian Emergency

In addition to gaining an insight into this rewarding area of healthcare, the course provides participants with the opportunity to join a global community of humanitarian healthcare professionals. One course participant quoted:

[The most important thing I have learned from this course is] that the humanitarian community are professionally organised and act responsibly.

As part of the launch, FRRHH hosted a webinar on the approaches to training when preparing for humanitarian deployment. The evening was led by a panel of specialists within the field of emergency medicine and humanitarian healthcare.

Five months into its launch, the course has received positive feedback, with 96% of participants saying they would recommend the course.

It was very comprehensive thank you. I particularly enjoyed the use of appropriate videos and commentary which will provide extra reading for me. - Course Participant, 2021

Course participants have ranged from surgeons and dentists to student paramedics and nurses. FRRHH and UK-Med are delighted to be able to offer this course to such a diverse range of healthcare professions, and encourage anyone with a passion for humanitarian healthcare to take those initial steps.

If you are interested in taking this course but are not yet a member of FRRHH, please click here for information on how to join the Faculty and for all the other exciting benefits of becoming a member.

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