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Introducing Dental Webinars with Professor Brian Nattress

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14 Aug 2019
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is pleased to launch a series of webinars on the key principles of endodontic treatment: access, instrumentation and obturation. These one-hour webinars will be presented by three specialist endodontists with a focus on the technical aspects of the various treatment procedures and the importance of underpinning this with sound biological knowledge. While they mainly focus on dental trainees, these free learning resources will benefit a wide audience, offering solutions to gaps in dental education and aid dental trainees.

We spoke with the Convenor of this webinar series, Professor Brian Nattress, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and found out more. 


1. Who would you recommend this webinar series to?

"I would recommend the webinars to any practitioners who are carrying out endodontic treatment, but primarily younger general practitioners and trainees who want to improve their clinical knowledge of endodontics."

2. What is the format of the webinars and what content does it cover?

"The webinars will consist of a 40 minute lecture focused on the clinical processes of access, instrumentation, obturation and restoration. This will be followed by a 20 minute Q & A session to allow attendees the opportunity to delve deeper into any areas."

3. What learnings can attendees take from the webinars to use in their work practice?

"The webinars will be heavily clinically based, although there will be some focus on the biology underpinning this. Attendees will be able to pick up useful clinical tips and tricks to maximise efficiency in their daily practice."

4. What individual benefits would the participants get from attending?

"Participants will receive 1 hour of CPD for attending each webinar."

5. Are there any other dental webinar series in the pipeline? 

"We plan to hold future series on the subjects of paediatric dentistry orthodontics and The MFDS examination."

Join us for these webinars in September (access), October (instrumentation) and November (obturation and restoration) 2019. They are free to attend, book your place here.

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