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Faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare

Join us to improve remote and rural healthcare globally

Many people live or work in rural communities where challenging environments and distance from high-quality care can affect their health and well being. New technologies and innovative healthcare approaches are ever evolving creating the need for well trained, highly skilled people with a learning mindset. 

The FRRH will create a collective identity for the remote and rural profession by becoming a platform that will facilitate discussion and exchange on new ideas, good practice, innovation, and look to offer inspiration by overcoming professional isolation.

Join us in developing leadership, innovation, standard setting in education and training in the fast developing field of remote and rural health. 

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Shape the future of YOUR Faculty

Whether you are a professional currently working or aspiring to work in remote and rural healthcare or represent an organisation or corporation active in the sector, we want to hear from you. Here are some key reasons why we think you'll want to get involved: 

Organisations Healthcare professionals
  • Keep your staff healthy, ensuring they benefit from the best possible care and medical expertise through rigorous professional standards
  • Join a global community of like-minded professionals, sharing innovative and dynamic practices and a passion for continuous improvement 
  • Attract the best healthcare practitioners, making remote and rural healthcare an appealing and exciting career choice for new trainees
  • Sector-wide accreditation standards designed to support you in demonstrating exemplary professional conduct and enhancing your practice
  • Retain your healthcare staff, keeping them motivated and equipping them with the right skills for the job
  • A pathway to progression through a dynamic and topical programme of training and education, equipping you with the widest skill-set possible

To get in touch email us at at frrh@rcsed.ac.uk or call (+44) 0131 527 1648.

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