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Key Facts

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Membership in Implant Dentistry

The Membership in Implant Dentistry exam assesses the knowledge, planning, clinical judgement, communication, and practical skills that are required for independent dental implant practice in the United Kingdom and internationally. This exam is intended to test the candidate’s ability to apply these skills at a level expected of a safe, well informed general dental practitioner with a particular interest in implant dentistry and includes aspects of minor augmentation.

This exam is not intended to test the candidate’s competency at the execution of these procedures or the detailed knowledge of the more advanced procedures such as treatment planning with computerised scanning software, major bone grafting (block onlay grafting), external sinus grafting or full arch prosthodontic rehabilitation.

Guidance to the Membership in Implant Dentistry OSCE Examination 

Exam Format

The Membership in Implant Dentistry exam consists of four components:

  1. Written Component
  2. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) – Communication
  3. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) – Practical & Procedural Knowledge & Skills
  4. Structured Oral Examination on Clinical Scenarios

Candidates will need to pass each component of the exam to gain an overall pass.

To find out more about this exam, please read our Guide for Candidates.


Candidates that need to resit part of the Membership in Implant Dentistry can book this here. The resit option is relevant for candidates who are required to retake one to three components. Candidates who need to retake all components should apply for the full exam.


Exam Fee: £3950

Resit Fee: This is calculated based on the number of components the candidate is resitting.

  • £2650 for any combination of up to three components

  • £600 if applying for the written paper only. The full resit fee will be taken if you apply online, and a refund will be issued for the over-payment

Exam Eligibility

Candidates must provide certified evidence of:

  • Possession of a primary dental qualification that is acceptable to the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
  • Work as a qualified dentist for at least three years, including the completion of 36 months’ full-time postgraduate experience in dentistry (general practice, hospital, community, academic, armed forces) acceptable to the College by the date of the examination. Normally, equivalent part-time experience will be acceptable if gained within six years.

Candidates must also submit a signed Candidate Self Declaration Statement (Appendix B) by the closing date confirming that they have:

  • Undertaken treatment of 15 cases, two of which should have at least one year follow up, (one edentulous case, five cases demonstrating some evidence of minor augmentation, four cases with single unit replacements and five which could be multiple implants in different quadrants of the mouth or two implants supporting a three-unit bridge)
  • Undertaken a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional development related to Implant Dentistry with reflective comments within the past 18 months
  • Completed a quality improvement project related to Implant Dentistry undertaken within the past 18 months

Those who fail to provide this statement will not be considered eligible to enter for the Membership examination.

Candidates have four attempts in which to pass the Membership in Implant Dentistry

Additional Information

Before applying for this exam, please ensure you have read and understood the relevant documentation.

Our Exam Policies and Procedures page will provide you with more general information about sitting an exam at the College.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in this Examination reads the Regulations and Guide to Candidates – both of which are available on our website.

Does the record of my postgraduate experience need to be verified or countersigned when I complete the application form?

No, it is not a requirement to have your record of postgraduate experience verified. Candidates should however now also complete the Appendix B – Candidate Self Declaration Statement which replaces the requirement for submission of a logbook and summary sheet for entry to the examination.

Is the Examination open to overseas candidates?

Yes, overseas candidates who meet the entry requirements detailed in the Regulations are welcome to apply for entry to the Examination.

Are there any preparatory courses for this Examination?

The College frequently runs College branded preparatory courses both in the UK and at select international locations. Any which are organised are advertised on the course booking section of our website. Further details can be obtained from our Education Section – education@rcsed.ac.uk or 0131 668 9209. We are aware that there may also be some overseas courses advertised online which appear to relate to this Examination. Candidates should be aware that these courses are not run or approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Courses run by the College will be advertised on the College website accordingly.

I have previously sat the Examination and was not successful, do I need to re-sit all 4 parts of the Examination?

Candidates who are unsuccessful in the examination but who have obtained a pass in any of the four components, will be exempted from the corresponding component/s which may be carried over to their next sitting. Any exemption granted is restricted to 1 subsequent attempt only. Thereafter, candidates re-entering the examination must retake all of the components again at that next sitting.

Do I need to submit a logbook or summary sheet?

Please note that for examinations taking place in 2020 and beyond, there is no longer the requirement to submit a logbook or summary sheet – Candidates must simply complete and sign Appendix B – Candidate Self-Declaration Statement and submit this with their application.

Do I need to submit documented cases?

Please note that for examinations taking place in 2020 and beyond, there is no longer the requirement to submit documented cases as the examination has now removed that component form the examination, and replaced this with a structured oral on clinical scenarios ((unseen cases).

I have sat part of the Diploma exam but have not completed this. What happens now?

Candidates who sat for the examination under the Diploma titled Regulations from September 2020 to end 2023, and who are yet to complete the maximum of 4 attempts permitted, and are carrying forward exemptions for any components passed, would be permitted to carry these exemptions forward under the new Membership Regulations, and may sit for the Membership Examination for any attempts still remaining to them. On completion of the examination these candidates will be awarded a Diploma which has been recognised by Dental Council as making them eligible for Membership in Implant Dentistry.

I sat and passed the Diploma in Implant Dentistry examination post September 2020. Am I entitled to apply for Membership in Imp Dent?

Yes, any candidate who sat and passed the Diploma examination from September 2020 onwards would have sat the new structure of the examination. This version of the examination has been reviewed by the Dental Exams Committee and Dental Council at RCS Ed and has been approved to be suitable for the award of Membership in Implant Dentistry. If you fall into this category, you will receive a letter from the college inviting you to upgrade your qualification to Membership in Implant Dentistry. As Member, it should be noted that an annual membership subscription would apply.

I sat and passed the Diploma in Implant Dentistry examination prior to September 2020. Am I entitled to upgrade my qualification to M Imp Dent?

No, Candidates who sat for the Diploma examination prior to September 2020 are not granted exemption from the Membership examination and those who passed this exam will not be eligible for the award of Membership in Implant Dentistry, as they would have taken the examination under the previous structure. The previous structure of the exam did not fulfil the requirements for the award of Membership. Should candidates in this position wish to gain Membership in Implant Dentistry with RCSEd, they would have to enter as a new candidate accordingly and pass the new Membership examination.

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