RCSEd Course Accreditation

Having a course accredited by the College shows that it meets the same rigorous internal quality assurance processes as courses within the College’s educational portfolio. By having your course accredited, you will receive the below benefits:

  • Assurance for prospective attendees that the course meets our exacting quality standards
  • Use the College logo on the marketing and certificates for the accredited course
  • Support and feedback on course design and delivery
  • Use “accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh” on course material
  • Listing on the RCSEd Accredited Courses area of the College website
  • Award of CPD points for the course (up to 6 CPD points per day)

Applicants submit an application form, along with the required supporting documentation which includes a course programme, certification, evaluation and assessment material. Our Clinical and Educational Specialists conduct a review of the submission against our exacting quality standards and determine the suitability for accreditation. It is at this stage that we may request to arrange attendance at the course. Following a successful report from our Specialists, accreditation will be awarded for up to a three year period.

The College will endeavour to respond to all applications. Applications must be sent at least four weeks prior to the scheduled course date to be considered. Submissions received less than 28 days prior to the scheduled course date are not guaranteed.

Applications for accreditation can be made by contacting the team at accreditation@rcsed.ac.uk.

Applications for awarding CPD points only (rather than College accreditation) can be found here

RCSEd Centre Accreditation

For information on centre accreditation visit the centre accreditation page.

RCSEd Surgical Course Accreditation Fees

The following fees are for the accreditation of short (up to 5 days) surgical courses or events (face to face or online).

Stage in Accreditation Process

Not For Profit

For Profit

Application and Review Fee  £150 £500
Accreditation Fee per Annum £100 £350
Renewal Fee at 3 Years £100 £200

Visits (where required) will be charged separately. Submissions received less than 28 days prior to the date of the event will incur an additional 50% late submission fee charge and are not guaranteed.

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