MRCS Part B Surgical Anatomy Revision Day (Wade Programme) (Online)

Key Facts

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The aim of the course is to assist trainees in their preparation for the anatomy component of the MRCS Part B (OSCE) examination.

This intensive, one-day revision course consists of a series of short, illustrated introductory talks, interspersed with interactive demonstrations on cadaveric images, led by experienced tutors. The talks review the format of the MRCS Anatomy OSCE, including examples of common questions and suggestions for effective revision strategies to maximise success. Key concepts and general principles which underpin the anatomical organisation of the Head and Neck, Trunk and Limbs, and which assist with understanding and visualisation, are a major theme. The demonstrations focus on improving attendees’ ability to identify important structures and relationships of surgical importance, as well the chance to discuss key MRCS surgical anatomy topics. Attendees will also have the opportunity to clarify their understanding of any anatomy with which they are unsure (‘anatomy clinic’).


Foundation Doctors, Core Trainees

Course Format:

This new one-day course is aimed primarily at those preparing for the MRCS Part B (OSCE) examination and is designed to introduce candidates to the anatomy of the whole body to the level of that expected in the examination.

The course will be delivered entirely online and will consist of a balanced mixture of overview presentations followed by demonstrations on images of cadaveric material.  Candidates will be encouraged to interact with the demonstrators by answering as well as by asking questions as the demonstrations progress. As with the partner MRCS OSCE course, the anatomy revision day is capped at 20 delegates.

As this is an online course, there are certain points that candidates should be aware of:

  • All candidates must have a MAC/PC with admin access to install Zoom
  • All candidates must ensure that they have a reliable broadband/internet connection to allow for video conversation plus a webcam
  • A microphone headset is recommended but not mandatory

Course Objectives:

This Revision Day aims to help attendees maximize their revision approach in the time remaining before their examination sitting. The instructional approach taken emphasises the close relationships between sound anatomical knowledge and safe surgical practice, and aims to increase attendees’ confidence in identifying key structures and discussing their significance in relation to surgical pathology, investigation and treatment.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the structure of the MRCS Anatomy OSCE:
  2. Describe the breadth and depth of surgical anatomy knowledge required for success in the examination:
  3. Give examples of common examination questions:
  4. Describe key concepts underlying the surgical anatomy of Head & Neck, Trunk and Limbs, which can assist with understanding and 3D visualisation:
  5. Be able to identify key anatomical structures on cadaveric and radiological images:
  6. Identify areas of weakness in their knowledge base and outline their plans to address these before the examination

NOTE: For delegates who are at an earlier stage in their revision (e.g. Part A preparation), or who want further anatomy study material, we would recommend the Surgical Anatomy Study Days, which can also be booked online.

Course Cost:

£135 Course Fee


Gordon Findlater

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