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Competition Details | RCSEd & Dentsply Sirona National Student Dental Skills Competition 2019/2020

Key Facts

  • When is this event held?
    Oct 2019 - early 2020
  • Where is this event held?
    View location information
  • How much will this event cost?
    £0.00 There is no charge to attend
  • Can I book online?
    Contact our Outreach Section to enquire about future event dates.
  • Course/Event group: Dental Course | See more Dental Courses

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Grand Final

Regional heats for the RCSEd & Dentsply Sirona National Student Surgical Skills Competition took place in Dental Schools across the UK and Ireland from October to December 2019. During the heats, final year dental students had the opportunity to showcase their clinical skills, with the best student from each heat winning a travel and accommodation package to compete in the Grand Final in Edinburgh on 5 March 2020.

We are delighted to announce the prizes for this years's competition.

1st Prize - Trip to Chicago to attend the Chicago Dental Society Conference in winter 2021 and a Digital SLR Camera, generously supported by Dr Tom Bereznicki

2nd Prize - Trip to Ballaigues, Switzerland, sponsored by Dentsply Sirona

3rd Prize - Book tokens supplied by RCSEd

This Years' Finalists

Special mention to Zohaib Ahmed representing Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, who sadly can't attend the Grand Final.

Mishaim Aamir Mian


Cork University Dental School

Iain Holt


School of Dental Science University of Liverpool

Helena Usher


School of Dentistry, University of Sheffield

Debra Chow



Zayn Garrib


The School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham

Charles Kenneth Sheard


School of Dentistry, University of Manchester

Matthew Gough


School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University

Shirleen Hallang


School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Aberdeen

Emma Louisa Smith


University of Leeds, School of Dentistry

Gemma Jannati


University of Central Lancashire School of Dentistry

Jalal Khan


Trinity College Dublin, School of Dental Science

Sophie Lane


Kings College London School of Dentistry

Christine Ma


School of Dentistry, Cardiff University

Anis Lotfi


Queen’s University Belfast, School of Dentistry

Kirsty Skye Dickson


Dental School, Glasgow University

Isabell Meyrick


School of Oral and Dental Sciences, University of Bristol

RCSEd & Dentsply Sirona National Student Dental Skills Competition 2019/2020

Think you have what it takes to be a dentist? Put yourself to the test for RCSEd & Dentsply Sirona National Student Dental Skills Competition.

About the Competition

Are you a dental student in your final year? Here’s your chance to dazzle everyone with your dental skills! The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is proud to host the fifth year of its Dental Skills Competition. Welcoming dental students from 18 dental schools across the UK and Ireland, the competition is looking to uncover the next generation of dental surgeons. The competition is open to all final year dental students, including those with no prior experience.



"This competition continues to bring the best out of students. Through our continued commitment to providing innovative solutions for better, faster, safer dentistry and our expansive education programme, it is our desire and privilege to support dental professionals throughout their career.” - Gerry Campbell, VP and General Manager UK of Dentsply Sirona.

Competition Benefits

Affiliate Benefits

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