Membership in Advanced General Dental Surgery

Examiner Vacancies

Applications are invited for Examiners for the Membership in Advanced General Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MAGDS RCSEd). Applicants should normally be a Dental Associate, Fellow or Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in good standing or be willing to affiliate to the College on approval of their application. They will normally have held a primary dental qualification for a period of not less than ten years and during this period should have demonstrated a commitment to developing advanced level skills in one or more disciplines appropriate to General Dental Surgery. Applicants must normally hold a minimum of MGDS, FFGDP, MAGDS or MPDC and experience in training and assessment of postgraduate dental surgeons would be an advantage.

The panel of examiners will seek to represent the demographics and diversity found in the field of General Dental Surgery, and we are looking to ensure an appropriate spread of subject specific skills across the panel members. Training is mandatory for all examiners, which the successful applicants will be required to attend and training events will be held at the College. Dates for the online training course are currently being planned, and examiners must attend a training course and observe a diet of the examination before being permitted to examine. Successful applicants will be invited to training on approval of their application. All appointed examiners will be expected to contribute to the question bank and attend appropriate further training as required.

 The application form, referee form, the criteria for applicants can be found below, and information on the examination can be found on the College website.

For further details contact the Examinations Section at the below address:

Dental Examiner Recruitment

Examinations Section

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Nicolson Street




Tel: +44 131 527 1600

Completed applications and references should be returned by email preferably, or to the above postal address.


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