Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine Examiner Vacancy

Professional examinations play a key role in education and training for doctors, nurses and paramedics. In addition to providing a vehicle for summative assessment, they drive learning and provide reassurance that candidates can apply the necessary knowledge and skills for clinical practise.

High quality exams rely on high quality examiners. The role of the examiner is much more than the simple invigilation of a written paper or the assessment of a practical exam. The examiner contributes to development of the content of all parts of the examination and, through the standard setting process, defines the level of performance expected of candidates.

The Diploma In Retrieval & Transfer Medicine RCSEd is a unique multi-disciplinary examination in providing doctors, paramedics and nurses with the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in their knowledge base relating to retrievals and transfers (predominantly secondary and tertiary retrievals, not excluding primary and quaternary retrievals) , to act clinically competently providing appropriate patient assessments, making clear decisions regarding all aspects arising in retrieving patients & demonstrate pre-transfer stabilisation skills; in addition there is an important component in the examination relating to demonstrating non-technical skills.

The multi-disciplinary nature of this examination poses its own challenges!

Becoming an examiner for the RCSEd is a significant professional achievement and requires personal commitment to the examinations process as well as subject matter expertise. The opportunity to contribute to the examination, and therefore the clinical practise, of future pre-hospital practitioners is both an honour and a privilege.


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