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Advisory Boards and Specialty Advisory Boards

Advisory Board for Dental Care Professionals

Chair: Mrs Margaret K Ross

Advisory Board in Implant Dentistry

Chair: Miss Ulpee Darbar

Specialty Advisory Board in Oral Medicine and Special Care Dentistry

Chair: Mrs J Avril Macpherson

Specialty Advisory Board in Oral Surgery

Chair: Dr John E Rowson

Specialty Advisory Board in Orthodontics

Chair: Dr Toby Gillgrass

Specialty Advisory Board in Paediatric Dentistry

Chair: Professor Ferranti S L Wong

Advisory Board in Primary Dental Care

Chair: Professor Helen L Craddock

Specialty Advisory Board in Restorative Dentistry

Chair: Professor Philip Preshaw

Advisory Board for MFDS

Chair: Dr Lesley Longman

Advisory Board for Dental Education
Chair and Convener of Dental Education

Dr Brian R Nattress

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