Challenges of achieving work-life balance in healthcare

3rd March 2021


As the third webinar in Wellbeing week, the aim is to discuss what we mean by ‘work-life balance’. How we can achieve it and barriers might we face?

This webinar will discuss the potentially mythical idea of ‘work-life balance’. We have a range of fun and exciting speakers telling us how they try (and sometimes fail) to keep the scales steady.
Key questions include:

  • What is work-life balance?
  • Are work and life two separate entities, can they or should they be combined?
  • LTFT: Friend or Foe?
  • What are the barriers to balance and how do we deal with being pulled in too many directions?
  • How can we stay sane, safe and healthy?
  • How can we achieve work-life balance for ourselves?


Kellie Bateman  - Chair

Surgical Registrar and Member of the RCSEd Trainee Committee.

Alice Hartley

Urology Registrar, #Let’s Remove it Lead

Alice is an ST6 in Urology in HEENE and has an interest in urological oncology. She was the Trainee Member of Council at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh from 2015-2017 and spent four years on the Trainees Committee. During this time she led the College’s campaign to tackle undermining and bullying in surgery (#LetsRemoveIt) and has co-ordinated a national initiative to link healthcare organisations conducting similar work.  Alice is keen to promote surgical careers and is heavily invested in supporting surgeons, particularly through training. She works 80% LTFT and has been involved with several ventures to support LTFT working and returning to work following time out. She recently completed a PhD in the molecular biology of prostate cancer and has four young children.

Heidi Edmundson

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Heidi Edmundson has worked in the NHS for over 20 years. She is currently a consultant in Emergency Medicine at Whittington Health. She is a passionate advocate for NHS staff wellness and its importance with regards to the individual, the workforce and the patients they care for. She believes in the power of using fun and creativity as means to facilitate wellness, build teams and empowering individuals. She believes that by engaging in fun and creative tasks people can express their whole selves and connect with the humanity in themselves and in each other.

Maria Prayle

Final year medical student - Keele University. Anatomy and Human Biology BSc (Hons). Healthcare Art Club Vice President and Co-Founder

For Maria, art is a way to find expression and self-expression without words. Her passion is to create artwork that brings joy to those around her. Her main form of art is using sculpture and form when creating cakes for others to marvel at and share. She has worked as a professional photographer at American summer camps, capturing young people’s magical moments the campers and their parents can cherish forever. 

Pamela Sturges

Final year medical student - Keele University. Biochemistry with Neuroscience BSc (hons), Biochemistry MSc. Healthcare Art Club President and Co-Founder

Throughout her life, art and photography have been a constant after developing her love for drawing through a difficult childhood. It is the difficult times in life that shape her artwork, using emotion and feelings to produce work with meaning. Her main art forms are abstract, medical art and photography.

Tony Redmond

Tony, founder of UK-Med is a registered specialist in emergency medicine and the driving force of integrating humanitarian healthcare into the Faculty. Tony has offered to present on about keeping yourself safe, sane and healthy on a humanitarian deployment and how these experiences feed over into a range of stressful circumstances, particularly when working with limited resources.


CPD will not be awarded for attendance at this event.

Visit our FAQ for further information relating to webinar CPD.


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