Update on the JSCFE examination in Neurosurgery

Exam preparation and changes to Section 2 format

2nd February 2022


This webinar will give an overview of the structure and content of this exam, with guidance for candidates about what to expect in both sections of the exam. It will also explain recent modifications to the format of the section 2 exam, required in light of the pandemic. It will also give the most recent information about the likely timescale of these exams being delivered.


The aim is to educate how the exam is structured and explain the higher order thinking/decision making the exam is designed to test, so that new candidates to the exam will have insight into what to expect in the examination process.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, attendees should have a clear idea of the curriculum, structure, quality assurance and marking processes that are employed in the exam. They will also have clear information about how the pass mark is determined, the standard setting processes and the need to demonstrate higher order thinking/decision making to allow safe management of neurosurgical patients. They will also have a clear idea about what to expect in the clinical section (which will be delivered without patients) of the section 2 exam.



Mr William Taylor

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, Lead for JCSFE exam in neurosurgery.

JCIE Examiner since 2005, JCIE neurosurgery board chair 2013-16, Examiner JCSFE since 2016, Lead since 2018.



1 Hour

To be eligible to receive CPD hours for webinar attendance you must connect for the full duration of the webinar AND complete the feedback survey.

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