NetZero Anaesthesia

16th June 2022, 19:00 to 20:30 BST 


Please note this webinar is being hosted by RCSEng, please register on their website here:

The second episode of our NetZeroSurgery webinar series, resulting from the combined efforts of the Sustainability in Surgery teams at the RCSEng and RCSEd, will focus on #NetZeroAnaesthesia. 

In honour of Clean Air day, the second webinar will take place on Thursday 16th June 2022, 19:00-20:30 (hosted by RCSEng), and will focus specifically of changes to reduce the environmental impacts of anaesthetic practices. 

We will also host the very first announcement of the TOP 10 research priorities identified by the JLA Greener operation project! 

This webinar will be followed by a BIG GREEN ROOM: in the last 30 minutes, the discussion will be opened to the floor and participants will be invited to share the experiences/questions/solutions that they have encountered in an effort to make operating theatres greener.


To describe the environmental impact of anaesthesia in surgical practice and to outline current interventions designed to mitigate these at an individual level as well as efforts being by representative professional bodies such as the RCoA.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, particpants should be able to:

  • Understand the environmental impact of different anaesthetic practises
  • Appreciate anaesthetic solutions that may have a reduced environmental impact
  • List appropriate and scientifically validated interventions that can reduce the carbon footprint of anaesthesia
  • Understand how the RCoA is guiding efforts towards greener anaesthesia across the NHS

Please note this webinar is being hosted by RCSEng, please register on their website here:


Our panellists include:

  • Miss Stella Vig, co-founder and chair of the RCSEng Sustainability in Surgery committee

  • Miss Katie Hurst, Chair of the RCSEd Sustainability working group

  • Dr Ian Baxter (Discussing what the planetary crises signifies for humanity and the environmental impact of surgery/anaesthesia). Dr. Ian Baxter is a Consultant Anaesthetist at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. His work focuses on how we can make Anaesthesia and operating theatres more environmentally sustainable.  As well as his local sustainability work, Ian has been responsible for helping creating a National Fellowship in Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia based in Newcastle and Selected Study Components in Sustainable Healthcare at Newcastle Medical School. 

  • Dr Cliff Shelton (Discussing how we can mitigate anaesthetic practice: volatile anaesthesia, TIVA, VCT etc.).
    Cliff Shelton is a consultant anaesthetist at Wythenshawe Hospital and a senior clinical lecturer at Lancaster Medical School. He is clinical lead for sustainability for his Department of Anaesthesia, and a co-opted member of the Association of Anaesthetists Environment and Sustainability Committee. He is currently leading “Greener Operations”, a James Lind Alliance research priority setting partnership on sustainable peri-operative practice.

  • Mr David Jones, Medical Examiner and retired Consultant Colorectal Surgeon (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust). Joint Lead for the Greener Operations - Priority Setting Partnership." Background in surgical education and professional affairs for the RCS. Co-director of the "Fire Fighting for Surgical Teams - The Manchester Major Trauma Course."  
  • Dr Cathy Lawson, Consultant in critical care and anaesthesia at Darlington Memorial Hospital and James Cook University Hospital.  Former national fellow in sustainable anaesthesia. Winner of Association of Anaesthetists Anniversary medal in recognition for work in sustainable anaesthesia.  Current sustainability roles include faculty member of HEENE&NC Faculty of Sustainable Healthcare and Intensive Care Society's sustainability group.

  • Dr Jamie Strachan (Discussing RCoA environmental network and its sustainability related activities).


A recording of the webinar will be made available on this page in the days following the live broadcast.

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