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Preparing for the MRCS Part A – an Introduction to the Exam

16th June 2021


The first webinar in a series designed to help you prepare for the Intercollegiate Membership of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Part A examination (MRCS Part A). This first webinar will provide you with an overview on the nature, format and content of the exam, along with effective strategies for your revision.

Subsequent webinars will cover high yield topics examined in Applied Basic Sciences and Principles of Surgery in General papers. 


- Provide an overview of exam format and content
- Help you plan your preparation and revision to maximise your score and chances of passing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, attendees should be able to:

- Explain the format MRCS
- Provide a summary of the content covered in Applied Basic Science and Principles of Surgery in General papers
- Discuss optimal times to sit the exam
- Review of common resources (books, websites, question banks) used in exam preparation
- Example revision strategies
- Practical tips for the run up to and the day of the exam (including sitting the exam online)



Our panellists include:

  • Max Stewart – Academic Foundation Doctor, Oxford University Hospitals
  • Sanskrithi Svaranam – Academic Foundation Doctor, Cambridge University Hospitals


CPD will not be awarded for attendance at this event.

Visit our FAQ for further information relating to webinar CPD.


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