Viking Surgeons Association - General Surgery subspecialties in the Rural Unit - Gastroenterology

10th December 2020


The Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare have partnered with the Viking Surgeons Association (VSA) to deliver a series of webinars focused on Rural Surgery.

In just one hour, we will hear 3 short update presentations on gastroenterology topics where management of patients has changed significantly in the last decade:

  1. Large or suspicious colorectal polyps
  2. Acute upper GI bleeding
  3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Each expert presentation will last 12 minutes, to allow time for Q&A between the audience and panel, using typed questions and typed and verbal responses. The context in mind will be practice in the North of Scotland’s six Rural General Hospitals, where each of these problems is relatively common. However the lessons will be transferable to other countries’ rural settings.


  • Prof Kenneth Walker
    Colorectal Surgeon and Associate Postgraduate Dean in Inverness.
  • Mr Raymond Oliphant
    Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Hon Snr Lecturer, Raigmore Hospital Inverness.
  • Dr Gillian Bain
    Consultant Gastroenterologist, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
  • Dr David Williams
    Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Gray’s Hospital Elgin.


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