The future training of non-technical skills for surgeons (NOTSS)

13th July 2020


As surgical departments around the world try to re-start elective surgical services, attention will again return towards taking forward the development of non-technical skills training for surgeons (NOTSS), which has already been recognised as such an important part of high quality surgical performance and outcomes. This webinar summarises where we are at present with regard to NOTSS training and where we might go in the future.


Our panel includes:

  • Simon Paterson-Brown (Edinburgh)
  • Mike Bradburn (Northern deanery)
  • Rosie Darwood (Leeds)
  • Andy Miller (Leicester)
  • Jeremy Ward (Preston)
  • Andy Garnham (West Midlands)
  • Kenneth Walker (Inverness)
  • Steven Yule (Edinburgh)


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