Supporting surgical trainers, especially during COVID

5th October 2020

The webinar will focus on what trainers can be doing to support and facilitate the progression of surgical trainees during these challenging times. We will have input from ISCP, the RCSEd Faculty of Surgical trainers, educators and importantly trainees.

We look forward to an update explaining the function and vision of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers. The seven frameworks of competency and excellence of the surgical trainer will be highlighted. ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ - we will explain how to use the tools to help you develop as a trainer and complete your trainer profile.


Our panellists include:

  • Rowan Parks
    RCSEd Vice-President
  • David O'Regan
    Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers
  • Gael MacLean
    Secretary of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers
  • Lisa Hadfield-Law
    Surgical educationalist
  • Jon Lund
    ISCP Surgical Director and incoming Chair of JCST
  • Sesi Hotonu
    Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow (RCSEd / NHS Grampian)


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