Bringing your College to You

10th August 2020


Join us for our regular Monday night webinar as we bring the College to you. RCSEd President, Michael Griffin, will start off with an update on the College activities as well as the re-opening of our exams and courses. Then, handing over to our Director of Heritage, Chris Henry, who will discuss the recent re-opening of the Museum, welcoming the public back into view our historical treasures.

Next, we hear from Managing Director of Surgeons Quarter, Scott Mitchell, who will then speak of the changes undergone in Ten Hill Place, as the Hotel greets guests in the stunning Edinburgh location.

Then, we will be joined by a member from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, who will discuss recent activities, and ongoing changes that the dental profession is adapting to. Lastly, we will have a brief update from Rikard Moen, Chair of the Faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare.


Our panellists include:

  • Professor S Michael Griffin OBE, RCSEd President
  • Professor Rowan Parks, Consultant HPB Surgeon, RCSEd Vice-President
  • Mr Chris Henry, Director of Heritage at RCSEd
  • Mr Scott Mitchell, Managing Director of Surgeons Quarter
  • Dr Rikard Moen, Chief Medical Officer Optima Health and Chair of The Faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare
  • Mr Ian Corbett, RCSEd Convener for Dental Examinations


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