How to Crack the MFDS Part 2 Exam — Interview with a Successful Candidate

How to Crack the MFDS Part 2 Exam — Interview with a Successful Candidate

The Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS) part 2 of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is a long established, internationally recognised, Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). The examination, consisting of 10 stations which are assessed plus a number of rest stations, is designed to test your clinical competence by assessing your communication skills and knowledge, understanding and management of a range of common conditions.

We spoke with Dr Bilal H. Salam, a General Dental Practitioner in Macclesfield and Lead Restorative Tutor at The University of Manchester, who passed his MFDS part 2 exam in 2023 has been a Member of the College since. Bilal talks about his experience with the exam and why he chose to sit it with RCSEd.

How long have you been a Member of the RCSEd, and what motivated you to sit the MFDS part 2 examination with the College?

I have been a Member for approximately a year now - some of my friends were part of the College already. It has been my goal to pursue clinical dental excellence, and I wanted to be associated with a royal college as I have the firm belief that attaining membership is a hallmark of high clinical standards and excellence. After researching all the colleges, I decided to choose RCSEd, as it gave me confidence that I would become part of a wider dental community that I could rely on for support and guidance.

What tools did you use to prepare for the exam?

I had some 'past paper questions' and for the OSCE I also practised talking through scenarios with my wife (who isn't a dentist). Practising for the exam helped me build my communication skills needed for this part of the exam, and also helped me strengthen my confidence.

What are the key benefits this formal recognition with RCSEd brought you?

I think being a Member of RCSEd is a hallmark of a high standard and gives credibility to the individual dentist. It shows patients that you have gone the extra mile.

What tips would you give to those preparing for the MFDS exam?

Tips would be, don't be a robot. Just go through a script of questions you have already prepared - you need to be genuine.

What are your dental career plans and how can RCSEd support your through your journey?

My plans for 2024 are to complete my MSc and Membership in Implant Dentistry, as well as continue to gain more experience in the teaching/training sphere. Also, I would love to be further involved with the College and engage more. I am going to look into the RCSEd Dental Ambassadors programme.

Becoming a member of RCSEd means you will be joining the largest Faculty of Dental Surgery in the UK, as well as being part of a network of over 30,000 dental and surgical professionals worldwide.

Find out more about the MFDS examination here.

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