Surgeons' Hall Museums Release Latest Events Programme

Surgeons' Hall Museums Release Latest Events Programme

Surgeons’ Hall Museums have recently launched their latest events programme. Over the next few months, they will be hosting a variety of events, including a bone handling workshop, kids drop-in sessions and a moving music and human anatomy experience. 

They have also re-programmed the forensic art and facial reconstruction workshop, which was originally planned to go ahead in 2020. The workshop ties in with the new temporary exhibition "Beyond Skin and Muscle" which will open on 12th July. They will also be holding their first BSL Blood and Guts walking tour in August.

You can find out more about all upcoming events below. Tickets can be booked here.



12th - Beyond Skin and Muscle exhibition - The ability to visualise and illustrate disease and injury is a useful teaching aid that also allows us to see beyond the clinical damage and empathise with how it has affected an individual. In this exhibition, artist Karen Fleming has worked with the historic collections of Surgeons’ Hall Museum to create both 2D and 3D reconstructions of skulls showing various conditions.


16th - Bone handling workshop
- An interactive workshop for adults led by Human Remains Conservator Cat Irving, exploring the wonders of the human skeleton. Learn how we get a new skeleton every ten years, what happens when bones break and what happens to our bones after we die.

19th and 20th - Skeleton Investigators drop-in sessions - Do you know what an owl has for its dinner? Find out in these sessions! Investigate the skeleton remains removed from owl pellets. Discover what animal the bones belong to and then reconstruct the skeleton. There is no need to book for these sessions as they are included in the cost of museum admission.

26th - DNA Detectives drop-in session - Can you break the genetic code? Come along to one of our drop-in sessions, learn all about DNA and make your own DNA sequence bracelet to take home with you. There is no need to book for these sessions as they are included in the cost of museum admission.


27th - Moving Music and Human Anatomy - Want to learn the bones of the human body - from our smallest bone and how it helps us hear sounds and music, right through to the largest bone in the body? Moving Music offers fun and therapeutic musical experiences through the use of mixed percussion instruments. Music is proven to make our bodies and minds healthier. It is great fun and is for everyone. Absolutely no experience needed. Easy to play instruments, drums and percussion provided.

Recommended age of approximately 10 years old, all children must be accompanied by a non-paying adult. Workshops run for 1hr 30min and require an accompanying (non-paying) adult per child.


6th - BSL Blood and Guts: The Twists and Turns of Edinburgh's Medical History walking tour
- Join Surgeons Hall Museums on our inaugural BSL walking tour through Edinburgh’s old town. We will take you through the highs and lows of Edinburgh’s world-renowned medical history. Discover the intrigues, rivalries, and dedication to the cause as our guide leads you through the sites where anatomists, surgeons and physicians worked, operated, and squabbled in the quest for medical advancement. Drawn from the archives at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh you will discover little known accounts of iconic writers, chloroform tea parties, pioneering women, grave robbing and of course Britain’s first serial killers the infamous Burke and Hare.
Encounter tales of old Edinburgh, disease, dissection, and curious methods of treatment.
Tours will last approximately 75mins and include free museum access from 10am-5pm on the day of your tour.
Age & suitability Guidance: Age 10+ and for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.


17th - Forensic Art and Facial Reconstruction
- Join forensic artist Karen Fleming for this hands-on facial reconstruction workshop. Facial reconstruction is an interpretation of human remains in an attempt to depict the likeness of the deceased, using a combination of art and science techniques. For this in-person workshop, Fleming will teach you the process involved when recreating a full facial reconstruction using a replica skull, and discuss the scientific methods that are used when only skeletal remains are available to aid in the identification of a person.

Karen Fleming has an MSc in forensic art and facial identification from The University of Dundee, along with a BA (hons) degree in painting from Edinburgh College of Art. She has recently been working on 2D facial reconstructions, some of which can be seen in our newly opened temporary exhibition.

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