Your College for Your World. An Update by the RCSEd Dental Dean

Your College for Your World. An Update by the RCSEd Dental Dean

With the fabulous news that the RCSEd First World Dental Conference is now open for booking, I am looking forward to you joining us in September for this amazing event.

We have a stellar line up of speakers who are all world experts in their field. For instance, in the medical complications section we have Gerry McKenna, who is the President of the Geriatric Oral Research Group within the International Association for Dental Research and former President of the European College of Gerodontology and Lochana Nanayakkara, who is currently Chairman of the Dental Committee, of the World Federation of Haemophilia, both Fellows of our College.

In the Dental Aesthetics section, we will challenge some of the misconceptions about treatments with honest and sensible alternatives to invasive procedures that are irreversible for the unwary patient.

Dental Imaging had been very static for many years, but recent advances are making diagnostic and treatment options more accurate and less uncomfortable for the patient, and this conference will look at how we can use these new advances to improve our own practising environment.

In my manifesto, which you can read on the College website, you will see that I was championing Patient Safety and the Patient and Teams Working together, which will emphasize that with Diane Rochford who is the current President of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy and Professor Jan Clarkson, Associate Dean for Research DHSRU Co-Director, Professor of Clinical Effectiveness (Dundee), Professor of Dental Research (Manchester), Associate Postgraduate Dental Dean (NHS Education for Scotland) presenting on the future in a post Covid 19 world and Dr Claire Morgan who is the Dental Faculty patient safety Lead taking us through the reality of patient care in your practice.

In the periodontal considerations section we have three of the UK’s most respected clinicians and researchers who are all examiners for the Dental Faculty, they will discuss issues that face us with periodontal care on a day to day basis as patients become more aware of the possibilities and the treatments available to them become more complex.

The aim from the very outset of this conference was to be inclusive so every member of the dental team wherever they work would have something to interest them.

There are five different aspects of contemporaneous clinical practice, including ‘Dental Imaging’, ‘Medical Complications in Practice’, Periodontal Considerations’, ‘Dental Aesthetics’ and ‘Patient and Teams Working Together’.

  • Dental Imaging will cover radiology, digital impression making and managing dental photography.
  • Medical Complications in Practice will cover managing the elderly patient, safe management of patients with bleeding disorders in your practice and safe management of patients taking bisphosphonates in your practice or when to refer appropriately.
  • Periodontal Considerations will cover the new periodontal classification and how it should be used in practice, how to diagnose and manage failing dental implants and periodontal plastic surgery when and why.
  • Dental Aesthetics will cover orthodontic aligners and their use and their potential misuse and then move on the conservative management of tooth surface loss with clinical tips for effective treatment that can be carried out by therapists and dentists alike.
  • Patient and Teams Working Together focuses on my manifesto as the Dental Dean with a promise to maximise patient safety, and this section covers issues faced in that respect including motivation to gain patient compliance and how clinical life will change forever after the worldwide COVID19 pandemic.

Not only is this a premier event in the quality of speakers we lined up for you, but the pricing provides amazingly good value for 15 hours of CPD and if you miss something on the day you will be able to go back to the presentations for up to three months after the live event.

Book now for this great opportunity to learn together! 

- Professor Philip Taylor, Dean

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