FRRHH Launches New Online Course in partnership with UK-Med

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31 Mar 2021

The Introduction to Humanitarian Healthcare Course, launched in April 2021, is the first educational offering from the FRRHH. The course has been developed by a group of educational and humanitarian healthcare experts in partnership with UK-Med. UK-Med are a close partner of FRRHH who have teams deployed around the world in response to a range of emergencies, including the support of vulnerable countries in their management of COVID-19.

The course has been created to help those interested in engaging with a deploying humanitarian healthcare organisation make an informed decision on their own motivation and readiness to commit the time and effort required. There was also a desire to provide a framework for review that would allow those who have previously deployed to reflect on their own deployment experiences.

The course development team wanted to create an educational offering that would support the pre-deployment training pathway of those who are hoping to develop the skills required to deploy. It is hoped, that by filling a gap in the very early initial stages of engagement and pre-deployment of humanitarian healthcare professionals that the overall standard of deploying healthcare professional will be raised and that those deploying are empowered to continue to deploy throughout their careers.

This online course covers introductory materials that can be digested by the learner in their own time and online. By providing an introductory overview of core principles, concepts, and the context of humanitarian healthcare deploying agencies are then given more time to focus on key training requirements for deployment

Subject matter covered to support this goal includes identifying and exploring the key elements and agencies in Humanitarian Healthcare and their place within the humanitarian response framework. Learners are also advised of how best to adapt their clinical skills to the humanitarian environment, and the deployment requirements expected of a health professional in a humanitarian emergency.

This exciting offering holds great value for the wider healthcare professions, and not just to humanitarian healthcare professionals. The experience and skills set of humanitarian healthcare has many lessons to pass on to the wider medical community and we welcome engagement from all corners of the healthcare world. For example, the NHS Nightingale North West in Manchester drew from experiences of the UK-Med response to Ebola in West Africa.


Professor Tony Redmond, OBE, Founder of UK-Med, Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine, Keele University and Professor of International Emergency Medicine, University of Manchester

“Overseas humanitarian deployments can provide unparalleled exposure to the management of large-scale emergencies, which will inform and strengthen our preparedness and planning at home”

The course is live and available to FRRHH members as part of the membership benefits package as well as forming the first stage of the UK-Med pre-deployment pathway for those deploying on UK-Med led deployments. RCSEd Members and Fellows are entitled to free membership to FRRHH and therefore access to this course.

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