The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Donates £1 Million to establish the RCSEd Dr Li Shu Fan International Professorship

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11 Sep 2023

The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation of Hong Kong (the Foundation) and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) have made an announcement regarding the donation of £1 million (equivalent to approximately HK$10 million) from the Foundation to RCSEd.

The donation will be allocated towards the establishment of the RCSEd Dr Li Shu Fan International Professorship (the Professorship), a ground-breaking initiative launched in collaboration with the RCSEd.

The establishment of this pioneering Professorship highlights the Foundation's commitment to promoting international knowledge exchange to drive forward medical excellence and innovation.

Thanks to the funding provided by the Professorship, a distinguished Fellow of the RCSEd based in either Hong Kong or the United Kingdom will receive an annual award to facilitate them undertaking research activities for the duration of the Professorship.

In addition to the Professorship, the Foundation and RCSEd have collaborated to establish The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Presidential Lecture Series in Hong Kong. The inaugural lecture, delivered by Professor Michael Griffin, the Immediate Past President of RCSEd, took place at the Li Shu Pui Symposium hosted by the HKSH Medical Group (HKSH) on 3 September 2023. This annual lecture series will feature distinguished RCSEd fellows sharing new developments in international surgical education and research.

Dr Walton Li Wai Tat, CEO of HKSH Medical Group, and Chairman of The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation, explained:

As the oldest surgical college in the world with a global reputation for medical excellence and innovation, RCSEd has played a pivotal and historic role in shaping the development of surgery in Hong Kong and beyond. The establishment of the RCSEd Dr Li Shu Fan International Professorship is a momentous milestone in our ongoing commitment to fulfilling the vision of advancing medical education and research. It signifies our shared vision with the RCSEd to foster global collaboration and innovation in medicine.

 Through this Professorship, we aim to cultivate a platform for international knowledge exchange. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of both institutions, this initiative will enable us to explore innovative approaches to healthcare, surgical practices, and medical education so that we can achieve our aim of advancing healthcare globally, improving clinical outcomes, and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Dr. Walton Li highlighted the historical significance of the newly established Professorship, stating:

Dr Li Shu Fan was the first Hong Kong surgeon elected as a Fellow of RCSEd in 1922. His unique bond with his alma mater not only enriches the depth and significance of the collaboration with RCSEd but also underscores the Foundation’s longstanding dedication to healthcare and innovation, rooted in a strong heritage.

Professor Rowan Parks, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, extended his thanks, stating:

It is an honour to partner with the Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation in establishing the Professorship and lecture series, which will provide a sustainable source of funding for our distinguished Fellows to conduct impactful and meaningful research and educational activities on an international scale. The Professorship represents a significant stride towards strengthening global medical connections and fostering excellence and innovation. We look forward to advancing the frontiers of medical knowledge and delivering exceptional healthcare outcomes together in the years to come.

Past President, Professor Michael Griffin OBE, a key architect of the new Professorship said:

I am thrilled to witness the realisation of this significant initiative. We have worked hard with the Foundation to ensure the Professorship is impactful and global in its ambitions. Hong Kong plays a crucial role in our international endeavors, and I have always advocated for close collaboration to maximise shared learning and opportunities. I am immensely grateful that HKSH Medical Group shares our ambitions in this regard. We are building on an important past and investing in an exciting future for our membership and in the longer term, patients worldwide. 

The Professorship is named in honour of Dr LiShu Fan (1887-1966), the founding member and former medical superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH). Admitted in 1922, Dr Li was the first Fellow of the RCSEd from Hong Kong. He also served as a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong as well as head of the Canton Kung Yee University Medical School in Guangzhou. Dr Li hu Fan was a distinguished leader in the medical profession and played a major role in pioneering Western medicine in China and promoting the health of his compatriots. This same vision is encapsulated in his decision to establish The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation in 1963, which is dedicated to promoting medical education, research, and supporting medical charity.

In addition to recognising the achievements of dedicated clinicians in different fields, the Professorship also demonstrates HKSH’s and RCSEd’s commitment to promoting advanced scientific research and patient care which will have a global impact for patients.


About The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

RCSEd was first incorporated as the Barber Surgeons of Edinburgh in 1505 and is based in Edinburgh and Birmingham. It is one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world with a worldwide membership of more than 30,000, which includes 15,000 members in the UK. The College also has a significant global presence with members in over 100 countries worldwide. The College promotes the highest standards of surgical and dental practice through education, training and examinations, its liaison with external medical bodies and representation of the modern surgical and dental workforce. It is also home to the UK’s only Faculty of Surgical Trainers, open to all those with an interest in surgical training regardless of College affiliation.

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About The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation

The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation was inaugurated in March 1963 to promote and support medical education, research and charity in Hong Kong. Since its inception, the not-for-profit Foundation has also been a major driving force of the development and improvement of the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital as well as the HKSH Medical Group  in terms of medical research, educational activities and service improvement.


About HKSH Medical Group

Officially launched in September 2017, HKSH Medical Group promotes public health and advanced medicine through a multi-faceted, coordinated approach across clinical services, medical education, scientific research and public health education. Members of the Group, including Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, HKSH Healthcare and HKSH Eastern Medical Centre, are dedicated to offering top-quality holistic care to patients, upholding the motto ‘Quality in Service, Excellence in Care.’

Established in 1922, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is one of the key members of HKSH Medical Group and a leading private hospital in Hong Kong. Living up to its motto of ‘Quality in Service, Excellence in Care’, the Hospital is committed to serving the public as well as promoting medical education and research.

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  1. The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation donates HK$10 million to establish the RCSEd Dr Li Shu Fan International Professorship. Dr Walton LI Wai Tat (right), Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, CEO of HKSH Medical Group, and Chairman and Board of Governors of The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation and Professor Michael GRIFFIN OBE (left), Past President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh signed a MoU which marks the collaboration between the Foundation and RCSEd in fostering surgical education and research.

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