Mouth and Teeth

Below are links to healthcare organisations that will provide useful resources and further information relating to dental care.

Useful links and resources: 




General information about all aspects of health and wellbeing including a range of surgical and dental conditions.  

A part of NHS Scotland that provides advice to health professionals. Contains patient information leaflets on oral health including gum disease and medications. Charity to provide support and information for patients with mouth cancer, dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the early detection of mouth cancer.

Specialist professional society for dentists. Patient information about treatments that save your teeth like root canals and antibiotics. Professional society for health professionals that fit braces on the teeth. Information and support for adults and children who have or need braces, mouth guards and tooth implants including lifestyle and dietary advice. Charity for all those affected by cleft lip and palate in the UK, including various resources providing information and support for patients. Specialist professional society for health professionals who deliver children’s dentistry, with information and advice on oral health in children. Professional society for dentists involved replacement of teeth, with information on treatments for patients. Professional society for dentists who offer restoration and replacement of teeth, with information for patients on treatment options for restoration of teeth. A society to support and promote oral care people with disabilities. Information resources provided cover a variety of conditions. British society for dentists involved in oral surgery. A wealth of information for patients undergoing mouth surgery including removal of teeth and mouth implants. Professional society for oral and maxillofacial (bones of the face) surgery. Information for patients on various procedures in the mouth, and various conditions that affect the mouth and teeth. Specialist professional society for dentists. Information for patients on how to improve mouth health, especially for those who are pregnant, diabetic or with gum disease. Charity dedicated to tooth trauma that provides first aid information for patients with injured, damaged or knocked out teeth.

Charity for improving oral health and wellbeing with resources on maintaining good oral health, advice on mouth problems, and information on treatments and procedures.

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