Exciting News for General Practitioners the World Over From the Dental Faculty

Exciting News for General Practitioners the World Over From the Dental Faculty

The new RCSEd Dental Diploma level qualifications launching soon are to be offered in most of the specialties recognised in the UK, along with an opportunity to obtain a Royal College of Surgeons qualification in Implant Dentistry or in Dental Sedation. It would be possible to take more than one of these qualifications where they might complement each other such as Oral Surgery and Dental Sedation.

Why do I want this? 
The idea behind these new examinations is to allow practitioners with special interest in a specific subject or subjects to show to themselves and their patients that they have achieved a high level of learning, understanding and care in that subject and you will have a recognised postnominal from the oldest of the Royal College of Surgeons and become part of the largest of all the Dental Colleges.

They are set at the Tier 2 level of learning laid out in the current published specialty commissioning standards which you can find easily on the internet. Additionally, if you are thinking of going into specialty training the possession of one of these diplomas in your chosen specialty is likely to improve your chance of acceptance onto the required course.

How do I enter?
Dental professionals accumulate knowledge and experience through a variety of routes, such as attending conferences and training courses, and through self-directed learning, as part of continuing professional development and frequently establish specific areas of interest. You do not need to go on any specific course to enter these exams, we call this open access. A detailed curriculum for each exam provides learning objectives, which along with information on the level of experienced expected will help you reflect on your learning so that you may enrol when you feel appropriately prepared for the examination. The examination has a familiar format with a single best answer written paper and a clinical scenario ‘face-to-face’ element.

What is it not?
It is not a permissive specialist examination and cannot be used alone to access the specialist lists held by the GDC.
It cannot guarantee that you will be accepted in England for a Tier 2 contract but it certainly would enhance your application.

When will the exams start?
These exams are in the last stages of preparation and the College hope to have them ready for the first applications from early 2024
 with a phased rollout to follow. Click here for further updates coming soon.


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