The College Brand



RCSEd CelebrationThe celebration of our quincentenary in 2005 highlighted the College's unique and unrivalled heritage. Now, into our 6th century we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, many of them leaders in their fields, looking to the future both of the College and of surgery itself. The people who are part of the College now are, importantly, its current custodians, with the weight of history behind us and the promise of the future ahead. The past decades have seen significant advances in medicine in general and surgery in particular: as a College we embrace a culture of innovation and wish to reflect this in our College identity.


logoOur current logo, launched in summer 2012, is the physical representation of this desire and of our core beliefs and values. Our President's vision was that the College's identity should represent the heart and ethos of the College - dedication, hard work, training, education, skill, support and patient safety, all of which come together when our surgeons commence operations. What better symbolises all this than the sculpture which stands at our door? The logo's design embraces the sculpture but presents it in a fresh, modern style just as we embrace our past while continually innovating for the future.


Our history and tradition remain vitally important to us and we will continue to use our crest in its sigillum form within our ceremonies and examinations and in matters of heritage. However, we also want to reflect our place as a prestigious, modern, forward-thinking College with global relevance. Crucially, the launch of our new brand was about much, much more than a change of logo. It marks the starting point for a whole range of new initiatives and innovations which demonstrate our commitment to our charter of surgical standards and excellence of care; our duty to our Fellows and Members; and our vision for the future.