Limbs, Arms and Legs

Below are links to healthcare organisations that will provide useful resources and further information relating to limbs, such as arms, legs, hips etc.

Useful links and resources: 



Description British elbow and shoulder society. An association for health professionals involved in elbow and shoulder surgery. Includes patient information on various conditions including various exercises that can be used to improve elbow and shoulder conditions.  Charity offering information and support to young people with conditions affecting the feet and walking, including support for those who need surgery.  British association for health professionals dealing with hip surgery. Includes information for patients on various hip surgeries and conditions. A British association for health professionals with an interest in foot and ankle surgery. The patient section involves information on various foot and ankle conditions, including treatments and exercises that can help.  Support for young people and families after traumatic injuries and accidents including conditions that may require surgery  Information for patients on hand surgery, and various exercises for conditions affecting the hand.  Information and support for individuals affected by arthritis, including exercises, lifestyle advice and aids that can help those with limitations in mobility, and information on treatments and surgery. Forum for health professionals involved in children’s orthopaedic (bones) surgery. Includes information on latest innovations in children’s orthopaedic surgery including discussion forums.


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