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RCSEd 2020 Triennial Conference - Making it Better


RCSEd President, Professor S Michael Griffin OBE, is looking forward to welcoming you to the College's flagship Triennial Conference on 4-5 June 2020.

The event theme ‘Making it Better for Everyone’ using #makingitbetter is for all involved with the care and delivery of surgical and dental practice in the UK and worldwide. The conference will examine major themes that affect everyone who works as part of these teams, addressing key challenges that impact a safe, supported environment in the workplace.

This Triennial gathering promises to inspire a range of interactive sessions, plenaries and workshops on the topics based around ‘Making it Better for Everyone’.  The programme will cover sessions on Making it Better for Patients, The Workforce, The Environment, You and your Family, Your Well-being and the Working Environment.


  "I have taken the decision to run the Triennial Conference earlier than usual in         my presidency, on 4-5 June 2020. I believe that improving workplace     conditions is key to the future of surgery in the United Kingdom in order to be   more inclusive and to excite and stimulate young people into this wonderful   rewarding specialty. The focus of the Triennial Conference is exactly that,  ‘Making it Better for Everyone’. I believe that this conference will further ignite   our drive to improve the workplace, particularly for women and, as I have   repeated many times, if we make it better for women we make it better for   everyone in surgery and most especially for patients."

 Professor S Michael Griffin OBE, RCSEd President








In addition, we will continue to build on the positive impact of the College #LetsRemoveIt campaign which is set up to challenge bullying and undermining in the workplace. Our intention is to create resources and establish actions to be able to offer support to those who are struggling to receive fair treatment.  

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Catherine Calderwood
  • Dame Clare Marx
  • Professor Hilary Sanfey
  • Professor Carrie MacEwen

SAVE THE DATE.  Register your interest at Triennial@rcsed.ac.uk and look out for more information coming soon!



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