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Patient Safety Group

Patient Safety is at the heart of all of the work RCSEd undertakes. Through training, education, exams and our influencing and engaging work, we aim to improve the safety of healthcare for all.

RCSEd Patient Safety Group

The Patient Safety Group (PSG) exists to ensure that RCSEd’s core professional standards, training and education activities are focused on continuously improving patient safety and reducing harm.

The PSG does this by:

  • Providing RCSEd members and fellows with expertise and advice on patient safety issues.
  • Promoting good practice, such as the Surgical Ward Round Toolkit, Informed Consents and Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTTS)
  • Working with medical educators, NHS bodies and other Royal Colleges to promote transparent, collaborative and supportive care
  • Promote RCSEd campaigns, such as #letsremoveit, where safety is enhanced through continuous learning rather than blame
  • Reviewing incidents reported to the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) to determine whether lessons can be learnt
  • Encouraging RCSEd Fellows and Members to provide feedback from their Morbidity and Mortality meetings to promote a culture of learning
  • Providing information and support on informed consent
  • Contributing to policy consultations and influencing to policy makers

The Patient Safety Group is led by RCSEd Council Member Miss Anna Paisley, a Consultant General and Upper GI Surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

The Terms of Reference can be found here (link to PSG ToR).


The current members of the Patient Safety Group are:

  • Anna Paisley
  • Annie Sorbie
  • Beth Lineham
  • Bryn Baxendale
  • Chris Sanderson
  • David O'Regan
  • David Riding
  • Richard Steyn
  • Euan Harris
  • Alistair Geraghty
  • Gregory Ekatah
  • John MacLean
  • Mark Peter
  • Matthew Nelson
  • Michael Moneypenny
  • Pala Rajesh
  • Philip Taylor
  • Ray Delicata
  • Sarah Manton
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Victoria Dobie

Training and Education

The College runs a number of courses for surgeons to improve patient safety, including our non-technical skills of surgeons (NOTSS) course that develops situation awareness, decision making, communication & teamwork, and leadership. We also offer training on human factors and informed consent, and have developed a Surgical Ward Round Toolkit

Further patient safety resources:

If you have any enquiries about any aspect of RCSEd’s patient safety work, please contact

Lindsey Lawson
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Nicholson Street


0131 527 1600

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