Wellbeing Week

During challenging times for us all, the RCSEd Trainees’ Committee is encouraging surgical and dental teams to take a few moments to focus on each other. Maintaining wellbeing is vital to enable the provision of optimal patient care, so Wellbeing Week is a reminder to check in with everyone, support and celebrate.

Topic Date Broadcast
Can we change the surgeon ‘personality’ and do we really want to? 26th May 2022
From Health and Lifestyle Coaching to Climbing Everest…Work Life Balance 24th May 2022
Supporting Surgeons after Mistakes 23rd May 2022
Improving the workplace 5th March 2021
The importance of communication 4th March 2021
Challenges of achieving work-life balance in healthcare 3rd March 2021
How can we build resilience and focus on the positives? 2nd March 2021
Why is wellbeing important? 1st March 2021
But seriously, how are you doing? RCSEd Trainees' Committee Wellbeing Week Preview 25th January 2021

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