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Management of Pneumothorax with insights into chest drains

19th May 2020


The worst complications of a pneumothorax are iatrogenic – this is before during and after the procedure. This is an easy procedure with devastating outcomes of not properly done. There are simples steps that must be adhered to ensure the chest drain insertion is safe and effective.


Mr David O'Regan

Mr David O'Regan has been a Consultant adult Cardiac Surgeon in Leeds since 2001. David was Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers of RCSEd in 2019. His remit is to professionalise surgical trainers. He was appointed deputy in 2016. He has helped ASiT with recommendations for the ‘Cut it Out’ campaign’ and has established the FST Medal for Distinguished Services to Surgical Training. He has also been a Regional Surgical Adviser from 2012 - 2019.


Mr Barnabas Green

Barnabas ‘Barney’ Green works as a consultant vascular surgeon at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. His clinical duties cover the full gamut of vascular conditions in addition to contributing to surgical support for major trauma. He served as Regional Surgical Advisor for the RCSEd in the Northeast of England and is now Deputy Director of the Network. Of note, he has convened two hugely successful trauma skills days on the Domestic Terror Attack, and more recently, Violent Crime and Surgery.


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