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Initial management of a burns injury

30th July 2020


This webinar aimed at medical undergraduates will focus on how to acutely manage the burnt patient. By the end of the webinar you will be able to understand what the key steps are in reducing the burden of the systemic consequences of a burn injury.


Mr Daniel Saleh

Daniel Saleh is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the North East of England with a practice primarily focussed on surgical oncology and microsurgical reconstruction.


Mr John Taylor

Mr John Taylor is a Consultant Trauma & Emergency surgeon at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool and a Regional Surgical Advisor for the Mersey Region. 

He completed his undergraduate medical training at Liverpool in 1993 alongside a degree in anatomy and went on to basic and specialist surgical training in the Mersey Region. Between basic and higher training, he undertook a research fellowship as the Price Fellow within the Department of Surgery, University of Louisville, Kentucy, under the supervision of the long-time Chair, Dr Hiram Polk Jr. From 2007 to 2014 he was a Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon at the North Devon District Hospital, before returning to Aintree. 

He is also a Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool and curriculum lead for Acute Surgery as well as the Honorary President of the Liverpool Undergraduate Surgical Society, The Surgical Scousers.


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