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Crush syndrome and fasciotomy

8th October 2020


Crush syndrome is also known as traumatic rhabdomyolysis, it is a time critical, life and limb threatening condition. In this webinar, we are going to discuss the pathophysiology and treatment options for this condition. We will also explain the principles of compartment syndrome and fasciotomy.


Prof Paul Lee

Prof. Paul Y F Lee is a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and visiting professor of sports medicine at the university of Lincoln. With the knowledge and practical experience in medical and surgical management in fractures and sports injuries, he has a strong ethos for personalised medicine. Working with the British Orthopaedics Association, he has delivered many practical and instructional sessions to students and junior doctors. As a Regional Surgical Advisor for the Royal College of Edinburgh, he continues to provide support in medical education.


Mr Daniel Saleh

Daniel Saleh is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the North East of England with a practice primarily focussed on surgical oncology and microsurgical reconstruction.



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