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ENT Emergencies Webinars


In association with ENT UK

This is a RCSEd member benefit resource for all Fellows, Members and Affiliate Members.

Topic Date Broadcast
Blunt and Penetrating Neck Trauma 22nd February 2018
Diagnosis and Management of Deep Neck Space Abscesses 24th April 2018
Emergency Airway Management 29th May 2018
Laryngeal and Pharyngeal Trauma 2nd July 2018
Complications of Rhinosinusitis 18th October 2018
Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss & Facial Palsy 27th November 2018
Non-accidental injury in head and neck 29th May 2019
Complications of Otitis Media 25th June 2019
Paediatric Airway Management 17th September 2019
Epistaxis 9th October 2019
Please contact the e-learning team at webinars@rcsed.ac.uk if you have any issues accessing these resources.

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