Triennial Conference 2018 - The Modern Surgical Team: The Future of Surgery

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The presentations from the Triennial Conference 2018 are listed by date and order in the programme.

Thursday 22 March 2018

Keynote Speakers

Teamwork: Building and Sustaining Successful Teams
Brigadier Tim J Hodgetts CBE

McKeown Lecture - Lessons from the Paterson Case

Professor Sir Ian Kennedy QC

Intra-Operative Decision Making
Session Chair: Professor George G Youngson CBE


Behind the Curtain: Surgical Judgement Beyond Cognition
Dr Carol-Anne Moulton

When Your Life is at Risk: The Value of Pre-Thinking
Mr Jelle Staleman

Getting into Trouble - The Slide
Mr Simon Paterson-Brown

Getting Out of Trouble - The Rescue
Mr Craig McIlhenny

The Workforce Required for the Future Surgical Team
Session Chair: Mr Charles Auld

Physician Associates: Are They the Answer to the NHS Crisis? 
Ms Jeannie Watkins 

Surgical First Assistant: Current Position and Implications for Perioperative Practice

Mrs Mona Guckian Fisher

Perioperative Practitioners and the Effects on Training Surgical Trainees

Mr Ray Delicata

The Role of the SAS Surgeon in the Surgical Team

Mrs Victoria Dobie

Maintaining Excellence in Surgical Training

Ms Helen Mohan


Friday 23 March 2018

The Role of the Team in Trauma Care
Session Chair: Professor John L Duncan OBE

Trauma Care: What Can Be Delivered Before Arrival in Hospital
Professor David Lockey

The Role of the Emergency Department

Dr Martin McKechnie 

The Role of the Surgeon - Decision Maker or Technician?

Surgeon Commander Stuart McKechnie

Trauma Management in a Rural Setting

Professor Colville Laird


Parallel Session 1 in Association with RCoA
Perioperative Medicine: Working Together to Improve Patient Outcomes
Session Chair: Ms Maggie Hammersley

Perioperative Medicine: The Future
Dr Chris Snowden

Delivering Quality Improvement in Perioperative Medicine: PQIP
Dr Jonathan Wilson

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
Ms Jugdeep Dhesi

Community-Based Prehabilitation: Future Models of Perioperative Care
Professor Gerry Danjoux


Training the Team and Communication
Session Chairs: S Michael Griffin OBE and Dr Paul Jackson

Building a Medical Team for the Olympics 
Dr Mike Loosemore and Mr James Moore

Training Astronauts to Manage Medical Emergencies on Deep Space Exploration Missions
Dr Steven Yule

Pitchside Banter or Effective Communication?
Dr James Robson

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