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RISFP for Trusts and Health Boards

How do Trusts/ Health Boards benefit from the scheme?

  • Employing an international medical graduate via the College sponsorship scheme can provide NHS Trusts and Health Boards with a high-quality solution for filling surplus surgical ST posts or converting posts into training positions which are suitable for MTI. The posts must offer training and have educational value in order to be deemed suitable for the scheme.

  • Employers can be assured that the trainee's skills and experience have been confirmed by the College through our robust and reputable quality assurance processes.

  • It provides a placement for a doctor who might not otherwise be afforded the same opportunity in their home country.

  • It ensures that the Trust/ Health Board has a trainee who is well qualified and enthusiastic regarding their training position. Trainees contribute a wide range of skills and teaching expertise to UK Trusts and provide cost-saving alternatives to locums.

  • Trusts/ Health Boards can cultivate their relationships with the College's international partners, allowing for potential future collaboration.

  • UK trainees have an opportunity to learn from their international colleagues and share knowledge and experiences

What is the process?

Firstly, the Trust/Health Board should notify the College that there is a post available within their organisation which satisfies the eligibility criteria for the scheme. Please refer to the Trust Eligibility Criteria.

The College will then work with its partners in the UK and internationally to identify interested trainees.  The College will evaluate the trainees, to ensure their suitability for the post. The shortlisted trainees will then be invited for interview which would include a representative of the Trust/ Health Board.

The trainee would then be provided with a formal job offer from the Trust/ Health Board, which would in turn allow the trainee to apply for their visa and GMC registration, with support from the College.

What are the key obligations for the Trust/ Health Board?

Prior to the commencement of a placement, the Trust/ Health Board will be required to sign a contractual tripartite agreement with the College and the trainee, which will outline the key obligations of each party.

The Trust/ Health Board must be willing to appoint a consultant surgeon within their organisation, who meets the trainer eligibility as defined by the College, to take responsibility for, and oversee the training of, the trainee for the duration of the post.

The Trust/ Health Board must be willing to work with the College to ensure that the training which is provided is of a high quality and in line with the standard of training given to UK trainees. The post put forward for consideration can be a service post but the Trust must agree to ensure that it contains educational value and surgical training as part of the job role. This will be monitored by the College.

How does my Trust/ Health Board join the sponsorship programme?

If you have a post which you think fits our requirements then you should contact the College using the contact details below and have an initial consultation with the team. You will then be asked to submit a job description for the post and complete an initial application form.

The College will then work with international trainees and partners to identify trainees who match your requirements. The consultant and the Trust/ Health Board will be involved throughout and will be ultimately responsible for the selection of their desired trainee.

How will the posts be funded?

Normally the post will require funding from the Trust/ Health Board for salary costs; the cost of this could be found from savings on locum costs. On occasion some trainees may have partial or full funding.

Is there a charge to Trusts/ Health Boards for participating in the scheme?

The scheme offers a tailored approach depending on the role and how it is to be funded. Please contact the RCSEd International Fellowship Programme team for further information.

Email: risfp@rcsed.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)121 647 1570

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