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RISFP for Trainees

What is the purpose of the RSCEd International Surgical Fellowship Programme (RISFP)?

The RISFP gives suitably qualified International Medical Graduates (IMGs) an opportunity to be matched into a post, within the UK, which offers them a limited period of training in a defined surgical specialty. Each trainee is individually matched to a post to ensure that the placement best suits their training needs and skill set.

It offers sponsorship to trainees for the purposes of registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) without taking the PLAB test and for sponsorship under the Department of Health's Medical Training Initiative Scheme (MTI). It also provides a full package of services for the duration of the placement

The scheme aims to:

  • Support and promote training for international surgeons whilst ensuring patient safety
  • Support and foster links between postgraduate institutions in the UK and internationally
  • Provide sponsorship to allow international medical graduates to come to the UK for a period of training in their specialty before returning to their home country


How can I get sponsorship from the College to train in the UK?

If you already have a post in the UK identified for you then you can follow the IMGSS route by asking your UK consultant to contact the IMGSS Administrator with confirmation of their intention to appoint you into the post.  Find out more about IMGSS.

If you do not yet have a UK post then check the Trainee Eligibility Criteria to establish if you will be eligible to apply through this programme. RISFP posts will be advertised on the College website and through international partners and associated organisations. If you see any vacancies which suit your training needs and skill set and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for those vacancies by following the application process.

Am I eligible to apply?

Please refer to the Trainee Eligibility Criteria which lists the requirements for the programme.


With effect from May 2017, the College can no longer accept new applications for sponsorship under Tier 5 MTI, from doctors who reside in non-priority countries as defined by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC). The list of priority countries can be viewed on the AoMRC website.

This rule applies only to doctors coming to the UK under MTI Tier 5. This rule does not apply to doctors intending to work in the UK under an alternative visa route.

Please note RISFP doctors will be unable to utilise the Tier 2 visa route. If you are resident in a non-priority country and have another visa route available to you, please include this in your application.

Is there a charge to Trainees to participate in the programme?

Fees are payable to the College by eligible trainees who wish to participate in the programme.  For more information contact the RISFP team.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the scheme?

You should contact the RISFP team who will help with any enquiries.

Email: sponsorship@rcsed.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)121 647 1570

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