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RCSEd International Surgical Fellowship Programme

The RCSEd International Surgical Fellowship Programme (RISFP) has been developed to support eligible international medical graduates who wish to gain valuable experience training in a surgical specialty in the UK for up to 2 years. Each eligible trainee accepted into the scheme will be matched with a suitable placement within a UK hospital and offered a full package of services including an induction programme, ongoing in-post quality assurance with regular review of progress, and pastoral support.

Find out more about the RISFP for trainees

For UK Trusts and Health Boards, the scheme offers an option for addressing staffing shortages, particularly in specialty training posts which are difficult to fill or exist as surplus training posts. It thereby provides a longer-term alternative to costly locum appointments.

The College applies a robust system to assess all international medical graduates applying for the available posts and offers ongoing quality assurance and support to the trainees and trainers. Trusts and Health Boards are invited to submit details of suitable posts to the scheme to which the College will match suitable trainees.

Find out more about the RISFP for Trusts and Health Boards

The College works with its international partner organisations to identify eligible trainees to fill UK placements. We provide a tailored approach for each partner organisation, working with them to ensure their eligible trainees are placed into the most suitable positions in the UK with full quality assurance and reporting.

Find out more about the RISFP for Partner Organisations

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