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IMGSS - Responsibilities

Educational Agreement

During the sponsorship application process, the UK consultant and the overseas trainee are required to tentatively agree upon the goals of the appointment. Soon after the trainee takes up the post he/she is required to meet with the UK consultant so that both may sign up to an educational agreement. The agreement must be signed and sent to the College. You can download an example of the educational agreement below.

Interim Reports

Upon request from the College, the UK consultant will be required to provide evidence of competencies and outcomes of educational appraisals, workplace based assessments and consolidated and validated trainee log book. You can view templates of educational appraisal, workplace based assessment (example procedure based assessment) and interim report templates below.

Final Report and Completion Certificate

Upon completion of the appointment the UK consultant and the trainee will be required to report on the trainee's achievements during the post and the progress made in relation to the educational agreement. Where appointments have been completed to the mutual satisfaction of all parties the doctor will be issued with a Completion Certification confirming successful completion of a College sponsored appointment. You can view the final report template by downloading below.


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