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IMGSS - Getting Started

How to get started

The process begins with a UK consultant contacting the College to request sponsorship for an International Medical Graduate to take up the post. Note that it is not possible for the College to progress a request for sponsorship from the trainee without first having received contact from the UK consultant.  Trainees can make contact with the College beforehand but the process cannot officially begin until the UK consultant has made the College aware of his/her offer of the training post.

How long does the process take?

It can take up to three months for the sponsorship process to be completed.  There are many stakeholders in the process and we are dependent upon receipt of information from them in order to progress a trainee's application.  The College processes a high volume of enquiries and applications for sponsorship which can impact on the duration of the sponsorship process.

The process of sponsorship is as follows:
  1. UK consultant contacts the College to formally request sponsorship for the candidate.  An application form is sent for completion and return along with a full job description and a letter of support from the local Postgraduate Dean.
  2. The candidate’s CV is assessed by the Clinical Lead for IMGSS
  3. Candidates approved for sponsorship will be sent an application form.  This should be returned along with certified copies of supporting copy documents and payment.  Candidate advised to begin registration process with the GMC
  4. On return of candidate’s application form, two structured references taken up.  If satisfactory, a Certificate of Sponsorship issued by the College and sent to the GMC.
  5. For MTI Tier 5 visa candidates, the College’s letter of support for their application is sent to the Trust/AoMRC to accompany the application.

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