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UK Training Opportunities for International Trainees

The College has two schemes which offer International Medical Graduates the opportunity to train in the UK for up to two years; the International Medical Graduate Sponsorship Scheme and the RCSEd International Surgical Fellowship Programme.


With effect from May 2017, the College can no longer accept new applications for sponsorship under Tier 5 MTI, from doctors who reside in non-priority countries as defined by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC). The list of priority countries can be viewed on the AoMRC website

This rule applies only to doctors coming to the UK under MTI Tier 5. This rule does not apply to doctors intending to work in the UK under an alternative visa route.

International Medical Graduate Sponsorship Scheme (IMGSS)

Who is it for? The IMGSS route is open to those looking for sponsorship into a specific training placement which has already been identified for them in the UK and which has UK consultant support.

What is the College’s role? The College provides sponsorship for the individual for the purposes of registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) without taking the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test, and sponsorship under the Department of Health’s Medical Training Initiative Scheme (MTI). In addition, throughout the duration of the placement, the College will provide some quality assurance and review to ensure that the placement meets the objectives of both the trainee and the trainer.

Find out more about the IMGSS

RCSEd International Surgical Fellowship Programme (RISFP)

Who is it for? The RCSEd International Surgical Fellowship Programme (RISFP) offers a more inclusive package tailored to individual graduates, UK NHS Trusts and Health Boards, and international partners.

What is the College’s role? We support international partners and individual trainees to find suitable posts which will enable the trainee to gain valuable experience of the UK training environment, tailored to suit their individual training requirements.

Through such placements, NHS Trusts and Health Boards have the opportunity to address any staffing shortages, particularly in specialty training posts, thereby providing a longer-term alternative to costly locum appointments.

Posts offered through this route provide significant quality assurance by the College and give the trainee a full package of services throughout their time in their UK post, including a College induction, assessments reviews and pastoral support.

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