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NATIONAL CLINICAL IMPACT AWARDS (formerly known as Clinical Excellence Awards)

The application window for the 2022 National Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA) round opened on Wednesday 27 April and will close on Wednesday 22 June 2022 The awards were previously known as the Clinical Excellence Awards.

The College is a National Nominating Organisation and welcomes applications from Fellows of the College in Good Standing in England and Wales.

The College closing date is Monday 23 May 2022 at midday. This is to allow sufficient time to process applications, be scored by the College’s ACCIA Scoring Committee and for the Committee to meet and prepare a final ranked list for submission to the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA). 

Useful documents:

  • RCSEd Guidance for submitting an application to the College can be found HERE.

  • Guide for Nominators may be of benefit and can be viewed on the website HERE.

  • Word version of the application form can be downloaded HERE.
  • Scoring Guidance for Assessors may also be of benefit for applicants to review when completing their application. View the guidance on the website HERE.

  • Resources for Applicants and Employers have been created to provide further information and to address key concerns and questions about the reforms, and can be found on the website HERE.

Visit the website for more information. 

The Role of RCSEd

The College's support is welcomed by the ACCIA as we are in a position to highlight impact at a national and at international level. Fellows cannot go direct to the Academy. RCSEd's support cannot transform a submission that does not score strongly across all the various domains and is unlikely to overcome lack of support from the employing authority.

The RCSEd Awards Committee comprises of RCSEd Fellows who are senior award holders. All submissions are scored independently by each Committee Member and these total scores form the basis of the Committee deliberations. Where necessary, the decisions also take into account information and advice sought from local senior award holders, College Regional Advisers and College Office Bearers.

Filling in a successful ACCIA form takes time due to the constraints of space and the need to precisely map activity to the requirements of each domain. If you intend to apply, we suggest drafting a version of the form and ask a local award holder for internal feedback . This gives you time to enhance the quality of the submission ahead of the RCSEd deadline. In the past, the Committee has received delayed submissions. In the interest of fairness these cannot be accepted.

More information can be found in the RCSEd Guidance document found HERE.

Send any queries to 

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