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Faculty of Dental Surgery Elections

The attention of Fellows in Dental Surgery is drawn to the business concerning nominations for the election of:

  • Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery
  • Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery

In October 2017, two vacancies will arise due to the retirement of the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery. Professor William P Saunders and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery Sarah Lennox Manton.

Nominations are invited from current or past members of Dental Council for the above vacancies and must reach the Secretary of the Faculty of Dental Surgery no later than 15:00 on Thursday 12 January 2017.

For further information please see nominations forms below.

Completed nominations forms should be completed and returned by post or by email to:

Mrs Linda Stuart
Dental Administrator
Faculty of Dental Surgery
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Nicolson Street
Edinburgh EH8 9DW
Tel: (+44) 0131 527 1605
Email: l.stuart@rcsed.ac.uk


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