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Diploma in Urgent Medical Care

Professional examinations play a key role in education and training for doctors, nurses and paramedics. In addition to providing a vehicle for summative assessment, they drive learning and provide reassurance that candidates can apply the necessary knowledge and skills for clinical practice.

High quality exams rely on high quality examiners. The role of the examiner is much more than the simple invigilation of a written paper or the assessment of a practical exam. The examiner contributes to development of the content of all parts of the examination and, through the standard setting process, defines the level of performance expected of candidates.

The introduction of the Diploma in Urgent Medical Care into the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care to support high quality care in the Urgent and Unscheduled care environment has further emphasised the essential role of RCSEd examinations and examiners.

Becoming an examiner for the RCSEd is a significant professional achievement and requires personal commitment to the examinations process as well as subject matter expertise. The opportunity to contribute to the examination, and therefore the clinical practise, of future urgent care practitioners is both an honour and a privilege.

Detailed guidance regarding person specification, electronic application form and terms of appointment can be found below:

If you are interested in becoming an examiner for the Diploma in Urgent Medical Care please submit an application to the College.

Upon completion please return to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh at the address given below:

Iain Baillie
Examinations Section
The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
Nicolson Street

Tel: +44 131 527 3449


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