Clinical Guidelines (General)

Please see below a list of links and resources to relevant materials regarding clinical guidelines:




BMJ BMJ Best Practice: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
British Thoracic Society COVID-19: guidance for the respiratory community
Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Clinical guidance for anaesthetics and intensive care
Gloucestershire Hospitals COVID-19: Respiratory care and assessment e-Learning package
NHS e-Learning for Health Coronavirus (COVID-19): Prevention and treatment e-learning module

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 rapid guideline: arranging planned care in hospitals and diagnostic services

Public Health England

Management of a suspected case of COVID-19 (flowchart)

Guidance Hub

COVID-19: Guidance for the remobilisation of services in health and care settings

NHS England

Guidance Hub

Guidance on identifying frailty

AHP student support guidance during COVID-19 Outbreak (6th April)

Operating framework for urgent and planned services in hospital settings during COVID-19 

Health Education England 

Pre-registration pharmacist trainees and Tutor FAQs (8th April)

Interim F1 (FiY1) FAQs (April)

Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP) requirement guidance (March)

Current FY1 and FY2 Trainees FAQs (April)

Wellness induction for FiY1 COVID-19 (Champion guide)

Wellness induction for FiY1 COVID-19 (FiY1 guide)

COVID-19: Supporting the NHS clinical response  (18th March)

Management of less than full time trainees (23rd March)

Facilitating the return of trainees on flexible training pathway (23rd March)

Letter to trainees from Professor Reid (25th March)

HEE statement on Psychiatry specialty trainees (30th March)

COVID-19 Specialty recruitment plans (30th March)

COPMED: Managing revalidation arrangements for doctors in postgraduate training (3rd April)

Operating procedure for the ARCP process during COVID-19 (6th April)

Draft guidance trainees Nightingale Hospitals (14th April)

Supported return to training (COVID-19) FAQ (April)

Royal College of Physicians of London / NICE NICE Critical Care Guidelines (NG159)
UK Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19): hospital discharge requirements

COVID-19 case tracking

Coronavirus testing of key workers FAQ - 24th April 

Scottish Government 

Introductory note: Expansion of COVID-19 testing 

Expansion of COVID-19 testing guidance

Statutory Education Bodies (SEB) 

Guidance for pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists and pre-registration  Trainee Pharmacy Technicians

Supporting the COVID-19 response: Enabling progression at ARCP (20th April)

Joint Guidance

Joint Guidance: Facilitating deployment of pharmacy undergraduates to support the pharmacy workforce (9th April)

Four nation guidance for medical education and training (10th March) 

Supporting the COVID-19 response: Medical Training Rotations (18th March)

Message to all applicants: cancel all face to face specialty recruitment (March)

Four nations: medical recruitment update (23rd March)

Four nation statement for specialty recruitment applicants update (2nd April)

Four nation statement on cancellation of planned rotations in May, June and July update (8th April)

Four nation acting up guidance (8th April)


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

World Health Organisation Coronavirus (COVID-19) technical guidance: patient management
The University of Edinburgh COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application
GMC Information and advice hub
RCN Information and guidance hub
The Faculty of Intensive Care Clinical Guidance
Intensive Care Society Resource Hub
RCPCH Guidance for Pediatric Services
BSECHO Guidance on use of echo 
Hospice UK Resource Hub
Association of Palliative Medicine Resource Hub


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