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SAS and Locums Committee

The RCSEd committee for Specialty Doctors, Associate Specialists and Locums (SASLC) represents all SAS Doctors, Dentists, Locums, and those working in other similar grades. Surgeons in these grades are diverse in background, experience, and seniority, which means that there are a wide range of issues covered by this committee. Doctors in posts similar to SAS grades have been given the collective name ‘Locally Employed Doctors’ or LEDs*. Recent data suggests that as many as 32% of surgeons in the UK are either SAS or LED doctors.

The committee represents the interests of all such surgeons within and outside the College with the core aspiration of promoting career development for SAS, LED and Locum Surgeons to allow each individual to work to their full potential, delivering a safe and high standard of surgical care.

Examples of committee activities:

Committee Activities
Delivering the opinions and priorities of SAS, LED, and Locum surgeons to RCSEd Council, through the elected SAS representative
Providing SAS representation on College committees
Contributing to numerous short life working groups on topics such as Whistleblowing, Return to Work (following a break in service), and the College campaign #LetsRemoveIt Anti-Bullying and Undermining Campaign
Developing College support for the CESR process
Promoting the provision of Educational Mentors and Supervisors for SAS, LED, and locum surgeons within their workplace
Participating in consultations on issues relevant to the SAS and LED membership, representing the College
Liaising with the RCSEd policy and public affairs team, providing the SASLC perspective on political consultations and interactions


There are ten members on the Committee, representing different specialties, grades, and areas of the UK. Application for membership to the committee is open to all members or fellows of the College. The SASLC will consider applications depending on vacancies on the committee. The committee is chaired by the elected SAS Representative on Council and at present two further members of Council sit on the committee to provide support.

The Chair of the SASLC sits on the SAS Committee of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC).  Please follow this link to learn more about the activities of this committee. Papers regarding support for SAS doctors and dentists that have been endorsed by the AoMRC are also available on this webpage.

The SASLC Terms of Reference document can be found here.


Opportunities for SAS grades at RCSEd

Interest groups and surgical specialties are represented by 11 Surgical Specialty Boards (SSBs), who ensure that the membership's specialist professional interests have a voice within the College. Each SSB has a seat for an SAS Surgeon, (except the Oral and Maxillofacial SSB), to be appointed following nomination by the SASLC.

Please follow the link to the SSB webpage, and read the SSB Terms of Reference, for more information.

If you are interested in applying to be an SAS Representative on your own specialty SSB, please contact the SASLC on the email address: SASLC@rcsed.ac.uk



*Examples of LED posts are Trust Doctor, Clinical Fellow, and Locum Specialist Registrar

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