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What's on near you:

View the list below to find relevant events, courses and workshops that will help build and develop your skills as a trainee surgeon. This list is comprised of events run by our regional societies. You can view other RCSEd events by visiting our Events & Courses webpage.


College Events

View the National Foundation Trainee Surgical Societies Conference 2021.


FTSS UK Oxford

Coming Soon


FTSS UK Wessex

Coming Soon


FTSS UK Merseyside

Coming Soon


FTSS UK Manchester

Webinar: Introduction to surgery: cutting things out and wound closure


FTSS UK Cambridge

Coming Soon


FTSS UK West Midlands


Coming Soon


FTSS UK Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Acute Abdomen Online Session 2: Acute Pancreatitis - 23 September 2021, 17:45-18:45 BST

Virtual Surgical Taster Week - 28 September 2021, 18:00-20:00 BST)


FTSS UK Northern (North East)

Coming Soon


FTSS UK Scotland

Webinar: Trauma & Orthopaedics Webinar Series – Hips & Pelvis



Coming Soon

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