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Policy and Consultations

Policy development and consultation

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) regularly responds to consultations from the UK Government, devolved parliaments and assemblies, the NHS and other medical organisations.

In order to develop its responses we consult widely with our dedicated Policy Group made up of College Fellows, professional advisers and lay representatives. In addition, the College regularly consults with our Trainees' Committee, Lay Advisory Group, Younger Fellows Network, Regional Adviser Network and our membership throughout the UK.

Consultation Response Documents



Oral Health and Dental Services for Children Needs in Scotland24/10/2016 10:26amA copy of the letter sent from the Faculty of Dental Surgery to SDCEP in response to their report on "Oral Health and Dental Services for Children Needs Assessment" in Scotland.Scotland, Dental, Children, SDCEP, SDNAPAdobe PDF Document108KB

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