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Press releases from June 2015

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Morton’s Neuroma

Rise in Painful Condition Linked with High Heels – Over ½ Sufferers Require Surgery

Britain’s oldest surgical Royal College saw new research presented at their annual President’s Meeting evaluating treatments for a condition becoming increasingly common in middle-aged women. Morton’s Neuroma; a painful ailment of the foot thought to be brought on by years of wearing high-heeled and/or ill-fitting shoes; has risen by 115% in the la…

Effective Communication in Surgery Could Reduce Deaths by 2/3

Britain’s Oldest Royal Surgical College Highlights Military Mnemonic to Reduce Errors

A communication tool first created for the nuclear submarine industry and later more widely used by the military and aviation sectors has been highlighted by Britain’s oldest surgical Royal College as an effective technique to avoid adverse events and improve patient safety – cutting mortality by as much as two thirds. Whilst there is published gu…

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